Dakota Janousek
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Born in Nebraska on November 07, 2001. It was the happiest day of mine and his Dads life,espically his Dads because  he always wanted to have a Boy and finally got him!!!!!! He even got his Daddy's Middle name. The day after he was born we found out the he had fluid on his Brain so he went into surgery to have the Fluid removed.
245 pm

Was diagnosed at 16 months with a mild case of Cerebal Palsey and was told that he would not walk normal or without braces on his legs.


We took him to the Shriners Hospital In Minneapolis Minnesota to be fitted for his first set of braces on his legs. He loved all the attention he was getting from the Nurses and Doctors. The part he hated was when I had to hold him so Exrays could be taken on his legs

August 2004
Dakota starting attending a school for special needs Children where due to his Medical problems his Teachers started teaching him Sign Language and his Dad and I  felt good that we could start Communicating with our son more then we had been because of his Cerebal Palsey he did not talk a whole lot so we were glad  when we started having a better form of communication with him. It was also good for his self esteem level because he got to be with other Special needs Children and other Children who had C.P like he did.

He was taken to a check-up visit with his Neuroligist and he had some concerns when he touched Dakotas head and he screamed so he orderded a Catscan to be done on his brain and that was when a 5  Centimeter unknown black spot was discovered on his brain. He was taken in 3 days later so they could get a sample by scrapping the spot on his brain....... 10 days later we got the bad news that it was a tumor I cried for hours in worry and not knowing what was gonna happen. We were told that if the tumor was not removed within 3 days the tumor could spread to his brain and kill him so the day after we got the bad news he was in Surgary to have the tumor removed

48 days after Dakotas Tumor was removed another one was discovered 2 inches away from his brain so he was taken from the Neuroligist office to Childrens Hospital in Omaha Nebraska to have the tumor removed since it was in a more dangerous spot then the first one it was recomended that he get to the Hospital  to have it removed A.S.A.P so the Ambulance was the fastest way to get Dakota there considering we were 34 miles away from the Hospital..... 
Passed away on October 30, 2006 at the age of 4. 8 days before his 5th Birthday
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